Professional Lake Gaston home watch service for 2nd homes, vacation homes, and primary residences when the owner is away.

Exterior house check to include:

  • Full inspection of exterior property
  • Inspect doors, windows and all exterior structures
  • Check accessory buildings, boat houses
  • Check for pest problems
  • Remove flyers, mail, newspapers
  • Sweep front and back porches
  • Check for evidence of attempted break-ins
  • Relocate trash cans and recycle bins as needed
  • Start cars

Interior house check to include:

  • Look for leaks along ceilings, walls and in basement
  • Make sure all doors and windows are secured
  • Check for pest infestations
  • Flush toilets, run water in showers, sinks, and tubs
  • Check refrigerator and freezer

Will consult with owner if any problems or repair issues are found, and coordinate maintenance vendors and service providers, and monitor if needed, and/or be onsite to let vendors in, and insure house is secured after work is completed.

Arrange for house cleaning services prior to season and after season, or prior to arrival or departures.

Be onsite to receive packages being shipped to home as needed

Meet at home for any delivery services such as new furniture, etc. as needed

Email or text owner after each visit and provide pictures upon request of services rendered.